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If you've ever bought or refinanced a home you know how confusing and frustrating mortgage shopping can be. This site will help you understand mortgages and how to effectively shop for them. Soon you'll know more about California mortgages than most loan officers!

You'll learn hundreds of FREE tips, tricks, and strategies that you can starting using today to save time, energy and money on your next mortgage transaction. You'll be a more informed, more savvy and more effective mortgage shopper. 

On your next purchase or refinance mortgage you'll be the one in the driving seat. This site was designed with that in mind.

You'll learn how to refinance your home at no-cost. And it gets better – you'll find out how to get the mortgage lender to PAY you at close of escrow! Hundreds of my clients have enjoyed that added bonus – you can too!

Your next mortgage transaction will be much simpler, quicker, cheaper, and much less stressful than ever before.

You'll learn ways to increase your credit score. You'll also discover that it is very possible (though not guaranteed) to have foreclosures, short sales, charge offs, late payments and even bankruptcies deleted from your credit report. When this happens your credit score will increase and you'll qualify for the lowest mortgage rates.

If you own, or would like to own, a home in California and have any mortgage questions – pick up the phone now and call me at: (408) 533-2467.

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